About us

About us

Our company, VRM NV, has been active for more than 20 years in the sales and purchasing of non-ferrous metals, PVC cable, underground cable, electric motors, transformers, computer and electronics waste and the demolition and scrapping of these materials. The processing of these products occurs on-site at VRM NV in Maasmechelen. At this site, the non-ferrous metals, PVC cable, underground cable, electric motors, computer and electronics waste from all over Europe are carefully sorted and disposed of in a responsible manner. The transformers are completely dismantled by us either on-site or at the customer’s location, depending on the needs of the customer, provided that they are oil- and PCB-free and have a certificate from an authorized laboratory. If required, we can also remove any oil present in cooperation with a specialized company. The residual products from the transformers, such as copper and iron, are handled carefully so that they can be transported to our regular consumers.

Quality and the environment

Regardless of how important the recycling activities themselves are, increasingly more attention is reserved for safety, care of the environment and for integral quality care. The various environmental and exploitative permits we have been granted and our outstanding levels of customer satisfaction and service provision are mainly confirmation of the efforts we have already been making for many years.

Our permits

  1. Environmental permits until 2023
  2. Underground cable notification
  3. Various safety certificates

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